Camp Fire Support

To everyone affected by the Camp Fire, our hearts go out to you. We’ve built this page to help you access resources that may be helpful as you navigate the next steps. As a local Paradise company we understand how much everyone has gone through and want to do what we can to help rebuild our community.

We were fortunate to save one excavator and our dump trailer from the fire. We have a crew staying locally in the Chico area, so we are here to help. FEMA has put together a list of what items are covered under federal debris removal, and what is not. This list can be found HERE. As you begin to unfold the details of what your insurance companies and FEMA will help clean up, we can assist with anything that may go beyond their aid.

How we can help

We are licensed to complete property clean up and removal of debris. You will need your septic tank and leach lines marked evaluated now that clean up work has begun. Heavy machinery can damage tanks and leach fields and you will need to know where your system is and have it marked out before Phase II begins on your property. We will evaluate, repair, and replace these systems if necessary. There may be unstable soil as a result of scorched earth on your property. You may also want to consider adding drainage or retaining systems to help stabilize the soil and control further erosion damage to your property.

Below we have put together some information to help you through this process


Good Things To Know

  • If you are opting-in mark your septic and leach field. If you need assistance, please call us for a quote.

  • Remember, clean up and returning to normal will take time. Please be patient as everyone works to help us settle in to our new normal

  • Be wary of contractors working outside their license classifications. Any contractor will be able to provide you with their license number and you can look up their information through the Contractors State License Board.

Below are resources that will hopefully help with your recovery journey.

Butte County Recovers

Salvation Army Distribution Center

Camp Fire Relief Funds

Veterans Resource Center

Work For Warriors - No military or veteran affiliation required - Career placement services have been extended to any impacted California resident

FEMA Disaster Registration

SBA Small Business Loan

Samaritan’s Purse